The cost of developing parallel software

On Monday morning at High Performance Graphics, Tim Sweeney from Epic Games talked about the End of the GPU roadmap. I am not going to sumarize the talk, but just point out an idea that was in one of his slides.

Let’s say X is the cost to create a single-threaded efficient program. Then,

  • if you want it multi-threaded, the cost is 2X,
  • if you want it to program for a cell architecture in a sony playstation 3, the cost is 5X,
  • if you want it to port it to GPGPU with CUDA, the cost is 10X.

For the average company, more than 2X the cost is usually unaffordable.

So, please, hardware designers and developers, provide hardare easy to program, with good and efficient compilers.

And I point out: Is this a claim for Larrabee?

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